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Customer Reviews

Buying from bulkpet.com is super easy! I’m not a very tech savvy person, but ordering from my initial search to my checkout was a breeze. I was able to find all of Joni’s (my Boston Terrier) favorite treats.
Janice Collins
I was very satisfied to know that there is free shipping on ALL orders! The website is very fast to load and add items to my cart. I also did not have to create an account which other sites require. Shipping was fast as well, my package came in perfect condition.
Natasha Tuhcci
I’m very happy to place my orders with BulkPet because there are huge savings by buying in cases. Quality and nutritional value is awesome!
Miranda Jacobs
I had no issues with ordering online, my items came on time and everything was in great condition. My dogs love the treats, they’re always begging for more.
Bryan M.
I had a question with one of my orders so I contacted their customer service via the live chat. I actually chatted with a real person, not a recorded message or anything. My question was cleared up and there were no issues. 10/10 customer service!
Jessie G.
I love how there is a great variety of treats. My two great danes are big fans of anything made of sweet potato and eat tons of it. The site has a neat recommended section that showed me other sweet potato treats that my dogs would enjoy. I a few cases and they even have hot deals that saved me even more money! LOVE THIS SITE!
Melissa Patterson
There isn’t one bad comment I could say about BulkPet.com. Ordering is quick and simple, I’ve never had an issue.
Matt I.
My dog loved the treats I ordered from BulkPet.com. But most of all, I loved how easy it was to find what I was looking for and place my order. I’ve always had bad experiences online- mostly clothing, where the quality isn’t as great as what it seems to be online. My dog’s treats came in quickly and were high quality.
Sam K.
1. I ordered a large sized box of the chicken morsels from Crumps’ Naturals on Bulkpet.com thinking that my rotti would go through them in a jiffy. Then I took my dog to the vet the next week for his checkup, turns out he was allergic to chicken this whole time. This was the first time I was feeding him all natural treats, this was the first time I found out about his condition. The vet said that the lower quality treats I was previously feeding him had artificial chicken flavoring, the treats I bought on Bulkpet.com were 100% chicken. Great stuff, but I was stuck with a big box of these treats. I called the customer service team and explained my situation…they helped me out, no questions asked! They swapped my chicken treats for sweet potato treats. Seriously, the best customer service experience I’ve ever had!
Matt I.
I ordered the Beef Tendersticks and my dog loved them. The only issue I had is that they were a bit broken upon receiving them but the quality of the sticks was great as usual. Could’ve just been a bumpy ride to my apartment!
Janet P.
I really enjoy using the site, it helps me save money on my dog’s favorite treats. I wish their hot deals would be on for longer though!
Richard T.
The shipping time was a little bit late but other than that my dogs loved the treats.
David E.